Meaning of the name Carmen:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Spanish, English, Romanian
Carmen means a kind hearted strong willed person.Carmen is successful and acheives anything she puts her mind to. She makes friends everywhere she goes and isnt afraid to state her opinions. Carmen is always the center of attention and is the sunshine of the world.
Carmen a best friend anyone could ever have and she is a fashionista
carmen is like my best friend and she is awesome she is beautiful on the inside and out.
My name is Carmen and it means song
she is a kind person who is loving and has a big soft mushy heart and is willing to give up anything and will be destined to have three very good apologetic kind sweet children xx thats my mum fine persones
it means a nice girl
this name means that not only is my name carmen but it means its cool too
I believe it means beautiful song or something like that...
the queen of combacks! lol
A very nice girl who has an opened heart. A great leader, and a great student. Also a very singing heart.
she is uglyyyyyyyyyyy
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