Meaning of the name Carmen:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Spanish, English, Romanian
Carmen means a kind hearted strong willed person.Carmen is successful and acheives anything she puts her mind to. She makes friends everywhere she goes and isnt afraid to state her opinions. Carmen is always the center of attention and is the sunshine of the world.
Carmen a best friend anyone could ever have and she is a fashionista
carmen is like my best friend and she is awesome she is beautiful on the inside and out.
she is a kind person who is loving and has a big soft mushy heart and is willing to give up anything and will be destined to have three very good apologetic kind sweet children xx thats my mum fine persones
My name is Carmen and it means song
it means a nice girl
my name is carmen and i was told that carmen is a opera song but everybody named carmen is beatiful,brave,shorttemper,hard headed,and also can be the nicest and sweetest person ever
My name is Carmen. Spelled backward is Nemrac. *shudder* Well, I know for a fact that it means beautiful song, because that is my name. Many Spanish or Latina or whatever have this name. In Old English it means garden. In Spanish it means garden and in latin it means song. So, overall, you could say the total, it means beautiful song. Gardens ARE beautiful so thats why I think its called beautiful song. Soo um the most used and popular definition for it is BEAUTIFUL SONG!! Traits In Most Carmens:.Smart.Kind.Active.Neat.Ambitious.Brave.Crazy.Dashing.Dazzling.etc.
It means song. My name is Carmen but my friends say I'm cool and a fun person to hang around with,also I'm outgoing but I don't think that's part of what the name means.anyway a I like to joke around and other stuff.and I'm not afraid to speak my anyone
Carmen is a trustworthy person who is thinks everybody is nice and gets used by others specially men!! she has a Big heart!! she wants to be loved so bad, that she has love all the time with multiple partners. she can be loyal only if a man is giving her attention and love all the time.Otherwise she is constantlycheating verbally and physically. Very energetic person with strong legs, who can dance from 7pm to 7 am. she is either a good mother a a real bad one ,neglecting her child for a man. Since she ends up once again being used, she ends up being broke!!! Not only does she give her heart and body, but also her money.!!! She is definitely a nice person.Too Nice.Carmen does make friends easily and is the center of attention not just for her strong lovey legs but because she's loyal to herself and is always where she can get love and attention.which usually are same people and places.A charmer, yes indeed .Smiling all the time with everybody. Looking at everyone. Thinking to herself "who is next?"
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