Meaning of the name Carrie:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
My name means beautiful, pure and garceful!!
Why does everyone have to be so rude?It's a nice name, so don't be so common as to swear all the time.
carrie means brave and clever
smart and a little irritating
It means sweet dating and funny.
Carrie means melody or a strong woman
Crazy bubbley smart beautiful loved and loveing
tells it like it is
Crazy bubbley smart beautiful loved and loveing
A person can be full of herself and put friends she is around down constantly . I know this from prior experience.a person named Carrie can be a gossip, narcissistic, and can be liars, cheaters , and care only for themselves . Though not all Carries are bad just some. Especially when in middle school.
It's weird that you think your mom is the most beautiful person you've ever seen. Would you happen to live in a cave alone with her? Or Greece?
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