Meaning of the name Casey:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English
casey means brave,strong,and cool!!!
my name is casey. i am a girl but still 100% proud of my name because it means COURAGE.
This name means good and a brave girl or boy.
It means leader and it also means brave. My name is Casey too.
my name is casey (: and i love it stop hating(;
yeah ppl, stop picking on the name casey, because most guys named casey are 100% HOT!!!!!
please stop being awful to each other
you guys are stupid casey is avery nice name
i kno a guy named casey who is adorable and lovey!
lovey to the heck.
caseyy........heck yeah well yuppp myy namee iss casey tooo andd i love it becosee iss une andd onlyy :) andd i saunds cool people been hating they whissh they hard a bad rear end name like mine lmao well yeah GOO CASEY ';)
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