Meaning of the name Casey:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English
casey means brave,strong,and cool!!!
my name is casey. i am a girl but still 100% proud of my name because it means COURAGE.
This name means good and a brave girl or boy.
my name is casey (: and i love it stop hating(;
It means leader and it also means brave. My name is Casey too.
yeah ppl, stop picking on the name casey, because most guys named casey are 100% HOT!!!!!
please stop being awful to each other
you guys are stupid casey is avery nice name
i kno a guy named casey who is adorable and lovey!
lovey to the heck.
it means dont fear your self casey may not be the most popular name like alexis or alexsis but it works right its a beautiful name and be proud of it
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