Meaning of the name Cassie:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
A person who thinks of herself and others. But, more of others. Wants to have big dreams and go out in life and do what they want to do. With no one stopping her. She will do her best to do anything, and everything.
lovable kindharted person who wont let anything get her down
a trustworthy, loving, caring, amazing person. perfect bestfriend and lover.
not a wanta be. puts their dreams in action.And all the good things above
it means a crazy fun loving person
A best friend and a lover for sure
realy funny
no. she is nice, sweet, smart, and funny
a cool sweet person.
trustworthy, caring, funny, lovey, crazy, sweet, nice, and a lovable kindhearted, person who wont let anything get her also means AWESOME!!!! :)
Just plain awesome :)
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