Meaning of the name Cassie:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
A person who thinks of herself and others. But, more of others. Wants to have big dreams and go out in life and do what they want to do. With no one stopping her. She will do her best to do anything, and everything.
lovable kindharted person who wont let anything get her down
a trustworthy, loving, caring, amazing person. perfect bestfriend and lover.
not a wanta be. puts their dreams in action.And all the good things above
it means a crazy fun loving person
A best friend and a lover for sure
realy funny
no. she is nice, sweet, smart, and funny
a cool sweet person.
trustworthy, caring, funny, lovey, crazy, sweet, nice, and a lovable kindhearted, person who wont let anything get her also means AWESOME!!!! :)
A beautiful fun loving girl who just wants to have fun has her insecurities of course but she is amazing she loves attention but is embarrrear ended of who she is feels like she has to blend in but she really is a beautiful girl full of and dreams she is beautiful fun loving sweet and trustworthy this name means a fun loving girl who just wants someone to tell her she is beautiful and she is perfect the way she is she is always the most loved in the room when she comes in she brightens the whole atmosphere she is an amazing girl who just need someone who is willing to show her the way So it's ovibious this girl is gorgeous and is just the perfect one to be around she is very insecure a out her body but she is beautiful she is also full of courage and prospective so I guess what I'm trying to say is if your name is Crear endie don't be afraid to show who you really are which is a star brighten up your day and someone else's you are beautiful just the way you are
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