Meaning of the name Cecilia:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, German
beautiful, creative, intelligent woman. enjoys music, nature, and animals.
The Cecilia i know was/is/always will be the most BEAUTIFUL Girl i've ever seen. By:Ricardo
from the roman family cecilius.. creative, beautiful,original, different, one others are attacted to..
nice beautiful and out going likes to meet new people
smart cool awsome and tiet also boy crazy!!!!
it means of a great drawer and like 2 be fun and if she is your younger sis then she will b great 4 u!
ithink it means that shes a nice persson and more!!!!
it meaans pretty fun craazy
Amazing with children -Cecilia
a graet mom
A fat fine person who thinks that everybody is MUCH more fatter than her, but she's tha fattest. She thinks she can get whatever she wants.
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