Meaning of the name Céleste:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: French
Celeste means your heavenly, You're hard to get your true feelings inside out. But when you do people will be astonished by the beauty of the TRUE you
it means your heavenly and u stand out from others . your faithful and very creative
HeavenLy,BeautifuL in all ways
I think this name means you are cute,funny,
well i think celeste means buitiful encourging heavnly awesome and is very acttractive\beauitiful
i think it means the grateful majesty that was in charde of the roman
it means she is amazzinnggg.(:
i think it means like your background is nice
I think it means a very nice young girl who is crazy yet sweet and loves to show her inside personality. Celeste is a name of a girl who follows her dreams and is popular around her surroundings. Celeste means heavenly. And agressive. My name is Celeste. :)
a beautiful girl whos beauty is fake because of make up. She can never show her true self. Her beauty is inside of her..But no one wants to take the time to really find her inner beauty and show the world. She cares about what people think about her. If people really looked deep down inside her they would find something unspeakably beautiful.
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