Meaning of the name Chanda:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: Indian
chanda is my name and i am not ant of those thingsit means over emotional..beautiful..proud..strong and her element is water planet is the moon and just so u jerks know im thirteen and do not like being called a girl and woman because of my name
hey that my name to and people who have are awesome it means loving,kind,caring,beautiful,amazing and SPECIAL!!!!!!!!!! people who don't don't hate us and if u call us a bad word your a little insecure weasel and SHUT UP if u have nothing nice 2 say don't say it
It's a totally FEMALE name.
A person (ME) who BOSS theses hoe around make MONEY stunt these NIGGAS and speaks her mind and dont give a gently caress what people say bout her and some one who can beat a trick rear end!
moon goddes
hindi goddess
Its' origin is Sanskrit.(Biblical)It's pronounced:CHAAN-DAH.
I am a very, very old Chanda. My name was created by my mother who did not know anything about the Indian meaning at the time. What I read here disappoints me, as if her creation has been tarnished and dirtied. She was a remarkable person with a gentle and loving nature.
!hates hoes girls messy famales beat a hoe rear end any day
Means "fierce, hot, prear endionate, over emotional,beautiful, proud, strong " in Sanskrit. This is a transcription of both the masculine form and the feminine form (an epithet of the Hindu goddess Durga).
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