Meaning of the name Chetana:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Indian
my ex also... same situation. you think i cant live without you? wrong. i can.. but i dont really want to. ill do anything for you but if you do that again than dont expect a thing from me. id rather be alone my whole life than see you with somebody else. so dont expect me to stick around if thats the case
my ex... she cheated on me once and let it slide. shes been talking to me lately and i think she wants back together i think. but if she does there are going to be some serious changes.
ex cheated yeah.... i really dont wanna use that word cause im tired of sayin it but you know what it is. so yeah it'll hurt a little if you decide its not me but hey how long did i go without talking to you before?yeah a long time and id rather remember the good times than create bad ones.
same... im getting hints that maybe you already have a boyfriend (which hates you compared to me, and is a loser, and is secretly happy, your his cover up)or maybe your really far away... if thats the case than you really are a bit ch for doing this. but i dont think you would have if that was the case
in conclusion... if you want my trust than YOU have to tell me. not this website. if you just open up for once and actually let someone get close it might not be so bad.... stop being so afraid. im not looking for revenge by any means. everyone should get a second chance. no more games. their getting reallly old
hey my exs name to... cheated also. if we do get back together your not gonna treat me like brown again. call me every name under the sun and say whatever you will cause ill just do the same right back. but cheat on me?.. again?!..and you'll never hear from me again and i can promise that.
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