Meaning of the name Chris:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English, Dutch
chris, is the most sensitive guy i know, he is amazing and so so so adorable, ha he is a TRUE ladies man. && he just so happens to be my best est est friend, and i consider myself super lucky to even know him (: -- courtney --
Chris is a very hardworking, awesome, nice, funny, versatile person.
chris is supah awesome!
ur soooooo lucky 2 have a gf as good as ciara... she is perfect
My Chris is amazing nice and lovey hes lovable and sweet and amrear ending at all sports I love him so much and hes my number one hero
still very funny
very funny and the center of attention but surprisingly sensitive.
Chris is a nice guy kind hearted loveable man im so glad he is my boyfriend
chris is my brother and he is very out going and his name mean someing to do with the lord
Chris is the best person in the whole world and he is the one all girls confide in. I dated a Chris once and he was like a bad guy but he was very sensitive and sweet. He always told me what i wanted to hear. Hell i would still be with him but my mother did not like him so she made us break up...:( I miss him though!!!! I love the name Chris and I think that if your name is Jennifer you have a better chance to dating and maybe even marrying a Chris...
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