Meaning of the name Christa:
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Gender: Female
Usage: German, Danish, English
Christa means the love of my life and the girl of my dreams I wanna spend forever with! Its the knowing when you wake up ur goin to have a great day just because you have her christa is the only person that can make me breath faster and slower ant the same time I love you CM From ga its CL and always will
It means your special
Christa means Christ bearer or follower of Christ
It means your awesome and sweet and pretty and kind
lol my name is christa and i think it means the light of god...not sure thats why i came here....
My name is christa and this helps me none! lol
It means that your the coolest person everr
lol 1 of my best friendZ name is christa and she caring loving and buetaful shes such a good friend
The name Christa means Christa- like.
Christ Light
it means that u are a special gift
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