Meaning of the name Christopher:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
Lady's man, get's all the girls. Cute, tall and just plain funny.
Strong, proud, attention seeking, and at times arrogant but sweet and charming non the less
Truly awesome, skilled, intelligent, talented, and naturally popular.
One who goes with Christ
Means Chris is awsome
a lovey boy jokes a lot makes you laugh
my bro's name is chistopher, he has autism but he's lots of fun!!
Awesome, Funny, Cool, Nice To Hang Around With, And he is the best person in the world
chris is a funny guy he is a ladys man
I know it means christ bearer.
My name is Christopher and I am shocked at how accurately this page is describing me. happy, yes. A liar and a cheater and a mean end of a brother, yes. I have beat up mean people (not hookers tho), and really most of the stuff does describe me. The craziest one was Raper of Eric. That stabbed me in the heart. Been a real freeking wierdo, but loved a lot of people too. This Christopher is trying to change. God bless every Christopher who reads this page. No is defined by his name or a web page, it is never too late to become a Christ bearer.
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