Meaning of the name Clover:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Rare)
Love to cuddle adorable best friend small but sweet but gets tired alot!!!!!
a lovely little girl with strong confidence in every one
some people are mean on here this should be nice!
it means the best great and nice like da 4 leaf clover
I'm Irish and chose the name for my daughter her name was clover love burrow, if you take the C and the L off her name its LOVE, she was my lil love love baby 7-16-07 - 7-26-2011 R.I.P
a loving strong
i looked up clove from da hunger games and got thhis so hi ppl!
luck of the irsish
It means weath, luck, and comfort
Loves to play and cuddle!
a gurl who love to play and is never out spoken u dumb nuts
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