Meaning of the name Cora:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, German
My bff's name is cora shes awesome she is understanding, helpful' kindhearted, awesome, truthful, caring, and u always want to be around her!!!!!
iron hearted, strong willed person, lion hearted.
well my name meains that i'm a stong girl and it meains that i'm a good girl, i'm helpful, and like to help people
This is my name and I love it and I never want to change my name.
filled heart
my name is cora and so was my grandmothers she was an angel sent from heaven. the best person for any one to know. it means loving caring and every sweet thing
My name is cora and that is sooo true!
That is my name.... and this is very true it does mean everything that this has....
lovey and loving and kind and sweet and funny and dildo
lovey and loving and kind and sweet and funny and dildo
Well my name is Cora and it was my great grandmothers name and she was an amazing, great, caring, and loving angel. I strong hearted I stick up for what I believe in and 4 other I am not afraid of life I'm afraid of what I'll miss when I'm gone. But I know I will be with my great grandma and my lord. Stay strong Coras!!!!!!!!!
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