Meaning of the name Cynthia:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Greek Mythology (Latinized)
most amazing person ever!!!
the name cynthia actually means the moon personifed&goddess of the moon.a women or young lady of attraction and radience.
She is named after a queen from greek mythology
It means The Moon Personified, so yeah, basically Greek Goddess of the moon
awsome and kool and does not under any surfoamstances sick dog. she is also halarious and awsometagous and she is smart and veery weird
most pretty person
It means personifacation of the moon
Cynthia means attractive, lovey, cool, smart, funny, cute, LOUD, amazing, fun person to be with. Cynthia will always make u laugh nd is just such a genuine person. Her laugh is contagious nd her smile, beautiful. Her lips, perfect. Her skin, smooth, nd her hair soft. You can just get lost staring into her eyes. She has an amazing end nd perfect pillows. Yeah :DCynthia is just such a beautiful name. If u know a Cynthia, then ur just truly lucky, never take that for granted, cuz' any Cynthia out there possesses all these qualities.
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