Meaning of the name Dahlia:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
The prettiest name anyone could have. And that's not even MY name.
I am the only kid in my school with the name Dahlia and I find the name Dahlia is VERY rare and should be used more often.
yes its my name nd im proud of it cuz its unique
Awsome, Smart, Cute, good at comebacks, Pretty, Funny, and Kind
my cousin has a unique name and it sounds so pretty
my name is dahlia and it means you are not the black dahlia murder
there ot naming there kid BLACK DAHLIA MURDER. just dahlia and a dahlia is a flower and i think its a beautiful name i love it
It mean beatiful in any way possible not dumb not annoying just beatiful so im pround to be named dahlia and dahlias don't like when u compared them to the black dahlia murder
My name is Dahlia and I find it very offensive that you would compare it to the Black Dahlia Murder.
my best friends name is dahlia and she is half mexian half american
it is a really pretty type of flower I know this cuz its my name :)
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