Meaning of the name Daina:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Lithuanian, Latvian
and who susk there big rear end dogs
Quite,pretty strong personality
daina mean mexican,girl,hore,think she is all of that,cunt,fine person,who sells there body
you are so mean to bff so can not call nammes thats my law
God is my judge!!!!!
That is what my name means and Im just like that
who are these people ?! JERKS YALL HAVE NO LIVE
who are these people ?! JERKS YALL HAVE NO LIVE
gosh people thats harsh. My name is daina and I dont know who you people have met but you haven't met the right Daina
daina means sweet loving awesome and beutiful by the way daina is my moms name so all you guys who are talking brown about that name better knock it off right now
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