Meaning of the name Dakota:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English (Modern)
dakota is a funny,kind,weird at times,loving,creative,open minded,dumb,awesome,odd,strong,cute,person
Dakota is a lovely, kind, sharing, funny, amazing person. SARAGOSA
dakota is soooooooooo cute
"blue skies" serene and peaceful. Will turn into the most protective person when you hurt someone they love
Dakota means powerfull,strong,Its a male and female name.
nows how to have fun
A pretty cool guy that doesn't afraid of anything.
Dakota means watchfull kind gaurdian
Dakota means a lovey guy that I LOVE!!! :)
my name is dakota, dakota mikeal prince espinosa, and al u r wrong, dakota means an artist who has a way to big heart and someone who need to straighten out their lives..
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