Meaning of the name Dakota:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English (Modern)
dakota is a funny,kind,weird at times,loving,creative,open minded,dumb,awesome,odd,strong,cute,person
dakota is soooooooooo cute
Dakota is a lovely, kind, sharing, funny, amazing person. SARAGOSA
Dakota means powerfull,strong,Its a male and female name.
A pretty cool guy that doesn't afraid of anything.
Dakota means watchfull kind gaurdian
"blue skies" serene and peaceful. Will turn into the most protective person when you hurt someone they love
nows how to have fun
it means he's alyssa fayes boyfriend(: and i love him so much, hes my boo
dakota is the most amazing boyfriend ever. he will do anything to make you laugh and he love the outdoors. when i cried he told me everything will be alright and told me how amazing i was and made me feel like time was frozen at that moment
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