Meaning of the name Dale:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English
Soup and a sandwich?
The definpillowion is a Valley and I attribute it to the similarity of the the DEPTH for MY Lord Jesus & God (the Father) & Humanity and my God given personality and love for others.
Dale means i love. Internationally.
The name Dale means love and happiness. It is a very ture and honest name and if you are lucky enough to be with a man named Dale then you know that he will always love, honour and care for you for the rest of your days. :)
All that is love and music.Mac and metal.
it mean someone who loves to have love
Like gale in hunger games,so, strong, kindhearted,and, yeah that's it.
Dale probably wrote this
A man who is always acting like Dr.Phil and is pretty cool.
has an uncontrolable blader
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