Meaning of the name Damien:
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Gender: Male
Usage: French
Is a very lovey man ;)
I've done a fair amount of study on the internet and the name Damien has two meanings. In the Greek usage it does mean "the overcomer" or "one who tames" but in the French usage it means "sweet and harmless". There is even a Saint Damien who is considered the patron of physicians.
my NAME is damien an it does mean a person who LOVES VIDEO GAMES
it means a man who gets all girls but also is very good with women
So im a lovey demon AWSOME XD
Doesn't mean not drat devil it's loving cute fine good bod and sometimes hav a very very bad atpillowude
a person who loves video games
Damien: a fun, caring person who loves people
lovey, smart and athletic. He has the best personality and loves to draw.
I am damien and you are all right :Pthe sweet overcomer being devilishly lovey who loves people.
Damien Walters
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