Meaning of the name Dania:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Spanish
hi my name is jovanni my pals name is Dania she is a beast at basketball and really pretty, but so stupid at the same time if youu know what i mean haha just kidding but she is pretty cool! :D
she is a beautiful girl loves to laugh i love her so much
my little sister is dania and she is beautiful smart funny evil lovely i love her so much and it means princess of all of you and hate on it
My name is dania, it is an arabic name in islam and it means Summer Fruit.
My name is dania, it is an arabic name in islam and it means Summer Fruit.
hii my name is dani i'm from sudan, i wa surprised that my name is spanish !!!in islam my name means close to the fruits of peradise !! I LOVE MY NAME
Hi, my name is Dania. I'm not sure what the "true" meaning of my name is but I do know that I am loving, fun, forgiving and happy. I am a Christian and I am from USA. I wonder how others pronounce the name Dania. dania is pronounced as d ah n ee ah where, My parents always pronounced it liky thisdis pronounced asd in doais pronounced asai in rainnis pronounced asn in noIis pronounced as silentais pronounced asa in Emma
dania also means to respect people and laugh alot and keep secrets and do stuff thats daring
my na,me is dania and i'm an Arab in our language the name Dania means closeness.
in arabic means a tree full of fruit in heaven that is abundantly blessed but bows down in submission to God and is humblein hebrew it means close to the heart
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