Meaning of the name :
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Gender: Male
Usage: Hungarian
Daniel is gotten from historical middle east language.It's original It Da'nia'l and its meaning is "God is my judge". He was one of the god's prophets. His Grave is now in Iran in Shoush City.the other name of this city is also "Shoush'e Danial" That means "Danial's Shoush". Regards. kach_daniell(at)
loving guy who is funny nice(some times) loves to dance talk tell jokes and be the center of attention but over all he is my best friend
a nice guy to be around
Ofte shy,sweet,and intelligent boy
daniel loves games
My Baby !!
my name means that i am very,very funny and i love to joke around you dig
o cool
The loveiest guy ever with the biggest dog ever, not even a giraff can deepthroat it.
Daniel means "God is my judge." Often, Daniel is the only one besides God who really knows & understands why he must do things in the manner in which they are done and the only person who knows where the path he is traveling will lead. He must often often go off the beaten track into which there is no path and leave a trail. The path to get where he is bound is not understood by those around him, must face trials and tribulations in which he is the only one who can bear the burdens that would crush most thus abandoning all hope for those who can't perceive why nor how he is constantly dealt and overcoming the feats that are accomplished, resilient in his dedication and efforts & never question why he meant to bear such a heavy burden, he simply pursues on without questioning anything but know it is for a purpose that will be revealed in time and serve the greater good of what is to be. Other than God, he is the only one who understands truly what is like to be the beast of such mrear endively weighing burdens. It is ok to him though. He knows God gives him nothing in which he can bear & overcome. Daniel is actually pleased and thankful for all he is given to bear. He knows that the burdens he bears must be carried by someone and that what would crush another man's will, pursuit of what god truly has planned for them & extinguish the flame that is is the life and very existence of their being thus drating them to an eternity of continuous pain & suffering that is worse than any that may exist on earth or this life. Although Daniel pursues onward through this life bearing grief that is constant & continually dealt to him in what seems to be his day to day life, he knows where his path will lead him in the end, at God's side, safe and with all the burdens he carried on top his shoulders along the the path that is this life bringing an eternity of constant rewards for not ever asking why or how. Daniel truly knows why and how the entire time he treks his own path through life, because God, who is without fault and never found to be wrong in anything that he does to lay out his divine plan, told him that he must bear what no one else can possibly fathom, because he is created & chosen by God to do this very task every step he must take in this life for eternal rewards and happiness that is to come in the next life that is imminently closer with every step that he takes on this earth that is merely a very temporary state of being.
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