Meaning of the name :
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Gender: Male
Usage: Hungarian
Daniel is gotten from historical middle east language.It's original It Da'nia'l and its meaning is "God is my judge". He was one of the god's prophets. His Grave is now in Iran in Shoush City.the other name of this city is also "Shoush'e Danial" That means "Danial's Shoush". Regards. kach_daniell(at)
loving guy who is funny nice(some times) loves to dance talk tell jokes and be the center of attention but over all he is my best friend
a nice guy to be around
Ofte shy,sweet,and intelligent boy
daniel loves games
My Baby !!
my name means that i am very,very funny and i love to joke around you dig
o cool
The loveiest guy ever with the biggest dog ever, not even a giraff can deepthroat it.
I go to The International School Of Minnesota and a fourth grader named daniel puked in art clrear end is that gross!
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