Meaning of the name Darian:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English
Darian From Hutto High School Wants Yall Too Know Hes A Boy And His Name Is Darian!
My bff name is darian i am a girl and so is she and we are in 7th grade.
i was almost named Darian
Hi my name is Darian and I'm in middle school,7th, and every one says I'm very hyper and crazy and I'm very athletic
My name is Darian im a 15 years old girl and i thought was a boy name but after reading all of these i am happier with my name!!!
MY name is darian and im in middle school and every one says that m my name is unique and im from PUERTO RICO awwwhhh YA TU SABE
my sisters name is darian!!!she is the best!!
My name is Darian I am in middle school and I love playing with duct tape. People make fun of my name but I dont care. Darian means your one of a kind! Even if your a male or a female.
cool. names Darian as well. im blonde. never thought that this name was so well used.
Darian, this is my name and i am beautiful no matter what anyone says about me, im not a woman or girl. But i am A B.I.T.C.H. Beuatiful Inntelligent Tallented Creative and Honest! I dont really care what anyone thinks about me. I am who i am, And thats honestly not gonna change!!! :)
Darians are amazing!!
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