Meaning of the name Darian:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English
Darian means a hot lovey athletic funny smart playful and horny name! I know a guy named Darian! He is sooo smexy!!!! He makes me horny!!!!(:
we like makeing fun of Darian(;
Darian From Hutto High School Wants Yall Too Know Hes A Boy And His Name Is Darian!
darian means lovey beast and smart and awsome and everything in between- Rylan Periman
Darian is a derivitive of Darius which means Govenor and its root is Greek
Darian IS The Bst name ever Whats up fine person
go darian's we are awsome boy's and girl's
I'm Darian and I'm a girl!!! I have blonde hair and in the 8th grade!! It's sooo cool to know that there are GIRLS who have the same name!!
im darian(a guy) n im tired of all these chicks making my name look bad, O.o im darian, O.o ur darian too, omg another darian. >.< get sum more guy posts pls b4 i go crazy
means that im a boss and everybody can suk it
it means that your a DUMBrear endSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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