Meaning of the name Darian:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English
Darian From Hutto High School Wants Yall Too Know Hes A Boy And His Name Is Darian!
My bff name is darian i am a girl and so is she and we are in 7th grade.
Darian, this is my name and i am beautiful no matter what anyone says about me, im not a woman or girl. But i am A B.I.T.C.H. Beuatiful Inntelligent Tallented Creative and Honest! I dont really care what anyone thinks about me. I am who i am, And thats honestly not gonna change!!! :)
Hi my name is Darian and I'm in middle school,7th, and every one says I'm very hyper and crazy and I'm very athletic
My name is Darian im a 15 years old girl and i thought was a boy name but after reading all of these i am happier with my name!!!
MY name is darian and im in middle school and every one says that m my name is unique and im from PUERTO RICO awwwhhh YA TU SABE
my sisters name is darian!!!she is the best!!
My name is Darian I am in middle school and I love playing with duct tape. People make fun of my name but I dont care. Darian means your one of a kind! Even if your a male or a female.
cool. names Darian as well. im blonde. never thought that this name was so well used.
i was almost named Darian
my name is darian!! im a girl that is in middle school im not a girl or a b**** and its true my name means 'nugget of wisdom" and riches so, ha ha
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