Meaning of the name Darien:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
is very random
can look nice but loves to party
Darien means a leader, someone who loves a challenge.
CAN ALSO BE A GIRLS NAME and he most awesome person you'll ever meet, just saying
a good friend who wants to make peace with everyone and not have any enemies
thinks he's cool
has a good heart but just does not show it
HAHAHAH Darien means King in Italy, its my name and i went to gardens am i the lovey one your talking about?
talented, a king/queen (the name originates from Darious the king from the bible), kinda shy at first but get to know him he's quite the character, loves to love someone -and is prear endionate about it when he/she is, faithful, loves partying and dancing at them, interestingly rare humor yet random at times, an individual that can make a lasting impression...when hes in the mood of course llz
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