Meaning of the name Darius:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English, Lithuanian, Biblical, Biblical Latin
Darius is a biblical name that well umm he was just a king and I am weird as hell but thats just normal
Strong willed, lively.
my name is darius ND ALL THA LADIES LUV MEE!swaggin all day nice funny and respectful ALWAYS
My name is Darius and all the girls think im soooooo cute. But this name really means Leader,king , governor
Someone who can be annoying and bossy at times but is a deep lover and very smart and calculating. I should know, he's my brother.
this name is a latin kings name so if you guys r hating on this name forget u
darius means happy
my brothers name is darius and he is super smart and he has tons of girls as friends
he is a king in the bible
This name means my loving boyfriend
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