Meaning of the name Darius:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English, Lithuanian, Biblical, Biblical Latin
my name means big head boy
Darius is a biblical name that well umm he was just a king and I am weird as hell but thats just normal
this name means big headed alien!!!
It means he is perverted
Is a awsime guy that hores pay him to have love
it means that you are a nice person who loves to have fun and you kno what you want and you try to get it
Darius was the name of a king in the bible days that sent Danial to the lions den then got him out an worshiped the God of danial... who is Jesus
my name is darius and im very happy and i like to gently caress my dog in the rear end cause i have no life and nobody likes my fine person rear end
My name is darius
he is a gerk
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