Meaning of the name Darrell:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
quick, clever mind capable of grasping and rear endimilating new ideas and very knowledgeable and intelligent
a special,independent peron who will help u in ur time of need.
None of you are right. It means beloved, or dear. It origins from old Britain in the early 1400's.
It means clever!!!
de(a)rrell means - the darling one
Very bold and do things without thinking a loving and a caring person very compepillowive in all things you name it he try it.
my uncle is very nice and cares for you
strait up LOSER:)
Darrell is the best guy ever!! he is the perfect boyfriend!! kinda makes me wonder how a girl like me deserves a guy like him... =) i love him!!
he is a big loser and a big strong person thanks have a nice day i love him alot he is so HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!
Dances. always trys to have a solo in a song. funny, and nuts
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