Meaning of the name David:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English, Hebrew, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Scandinavian, Dutch, Czech, Slovene, Russian, Croatian, Serbian, Biblical, Biblical Latin
David is a smart person even though few people know how smart he actually is if he put some effort into the things he did he could be really successful in life. He is more known for his sense of humor to his friends and even to people he doesn't know. Usually people with this name have what others would call different talents but to him they will be easy skills that anyone should be able to do easily.
david means beloved.
Literally = Man after God's own heart!
david means sweet
his sweet, kind ,loving ,and little anoying
The meaning of this name is loved, adored.
someone sweet caring and loving
David is sweet, romantic, funny, and has beautiful eyes. He has the most hilarious and possitive humor. His childhood was not great, yet he does not let it affect himself. david is incredibly handsome and has a beautiful personality.
David is loved very much by God and by many people they tend to be highly intelligent and have a sense of humor
David is a person who would expect respect from his own family members who actually try to step on him but he used to let them but now they've gone too far.David is a person who is easily disrespected he is a nice person when you get to know him but, because he's nice doesn't mean you show take advantage of him.He is also a person who doesn't judge anyone big, small, skinny or large. he likes all girls but, sometime he doesn't know how to approach them, sometimes he feels like he doesn't want to be bothered and sometimes he just wants to have someone near. but through all david's are the best haha!
david is my dad the best one in the hole entire world
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