Meaning of the name Davis:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
it can be a last name 2
makes girls fall for him easily. They like him and tend to like someone else a few weeks after. He is funny and pretty smart. Usually a football player or a basketball player. A lot of girls dont wanna loose him because hes a cool kid!
i think the name means nice, kind, and wonderful soled person who is dependable and can do the the right thing and makes there own rules.they are courageous, and smart. It does not matter what happens they always make things turn right side up!! That is what i think the name DAVIS means. ( Which also can be a last name or a name for a female ).
A freaking amazing person who would do anything for anyone...the most amazing friend I've ever had...Ily like a friend or brother though!!
Son of David. David means Beloved.
Davis means loving and kind
hey my last name is davis and im not a dude
It's my last name and i'm a girl....
It is an amazingly awesome person who gets mac with all the girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
awesome, loving kind
is the middle name of a cool dude at my school he has brown hair
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