Meaning of the name Delaney:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
delaney means best friend old or new. i have a best friend. named delaney. i have known her since i was born. most delaneys i know are headstrong, wise, talented, and a true leader.
Graceful and beutiful
my name is delaney and it means beutiful funny and lovable
peaceful and loving!:) lol!!!!
smart and wise
Delaney means~A very peace loving wonderful person. A very good talented girl.The girl that I now is one very loving in totally undiscribible ways. LOVE YOU DELANEY BEILING LOVE~DANIELLE HAMMOND!
Delaney mean to be a true leader and a dicendent of a challenger. This is totally like me and i am proud to be a DELANEY!! and i hope you are to!
My name is Delaney too but my name is spelled Delaenie instead.In K Grade I used to know a Delaney and she was the princable's daughter. We used to come early to school so that we could play because Delaney was not not supposed to be friends with anyone in the school.
enemys child my awesome bff has this name but she is really nice
my name is Delaney and i am a nice person. i have a true friend and i know she would say that about me cause i have known her since the first day of preschool and our b-days are 2 days apart. my dad has been to jail but it was just for his job so he could teach the people in jail to be nice like me.
smart athletic and cant stand seeing other people in pain knowing i cant help
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