Meaning of the name Demetrius:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Ancient Greek (Latinized)
Demetrius comes from the American Version Demetriace; compelling uniqueness, multi-talented and destined for fortune and has little desire for fame. They are emotionally patient and determined, they are so stubborn which leads them to success.
Lover of the earth
Greek god of the cosmos
my best friend's name is demeti (for short) and he is the most kind caring loving person i know i don't know what i would do without him he is always there for me just hope that i can be the friend that he is to me he is like my little brother and i love him like one too
Brave hearted,kind and shy. At the same time stubborn with any one else way, able to accept and appreciate the input. Impatient. Talented. Never puts themselves in front of others.
A freakin awesome person (my name)
deetrius or demitrius means stubborn yet smart has lazy aspects but when it comes down to it the person will do there best
Demetrius is a greek god who probably was one of the greek empire's.
To me its a one of a kind person who keeps the crowd going and is very smart bhut have a badd atpillowude
everything said about the name describes me to the "T" my name is Demetrius of course
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