Meaning of the name Denise:
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Gender: Female
Usage: French, English
It also means a person who is trustful and caring to one she loves .
Denise- Sweet, senisitive, deep, talented musician, determined, beautiful, honest, affectionette, caring, strong, trustworthy, amazing, stunning, and the best girlfriend ever:) 10.19.10 iloveyou
its a name for a sensitive,caring, and awesome girl!!!;)*
The mose secret and lovable name anyone can have.
It comes from Dionysus which was God of wine
Awesome and loves to care for people and loves to buy stuff for people.
it mmeans princess , carer for all and wise one
the god of wine and agriculture
it mmeans princess , carer for all and wise one
my best friend's name :D
a great mom and dermatologist!!!!!!
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