Meaning of the name Denise:
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Gender: Female
Usage: French, English
It also means a person who is trustful and caring to one she loves .
its a name for a sensitive,caring, and awesome girl!!!;)*
Denise- Sweet, senisitive, deep, talented musician, determined, beautiful, honest, affectionette, caring, strong, trustworthy, amazing, stunning, and the best girlfriend ever:) 10.19.10 iloveyou
The mose secret and lovable name anyone can have.
It comes from Dionysus which was God of wine
it mmeans princess , carer for all and wise one
it mmeans princess , carer for all and wise one
Awesome and loves to care for people and loves to buy stuff for people.
the god of wine and agriculture
goddess of wine - goddess zeus
its my name and snarts too
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