Meaning of the name Desirae:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
my best friends name is desirae and she is beautiful and is very athletic and she is no where near fat so not all desiraes iis fat
a strong, independent, beautiful girl who is friends with just about everyone and worth more than her weight in diamonds and gold
A beautiful young lady who is independent and sometimes selfish but is shy and and is anyones best friend. I say this for my bestie desi!
It means a strong and betaufuil young lady
My name is Desirae and the meaning of the name Desirae is much desired or most desired. In other words this means extremely longed for. Desirae comes from the French origin and is another way to spell Desiree. I love my name very much and would never ever want any other name because Desirae is one of the prettiest name there is or ever will be!:)
My name is Desirae and yess my father named me because he knew in his heart that i would grow up to be an strong independent young lady. btw im not even close to fat so dnt judge a person by their name.
this name means a wonderful young lady who is strong and independent ..... also beautiful and kind to other people
this name means Desire
my name is desirae!!! :D
p3nis lover
Desirae is a smart,and is a very nice person that can work with other people and does not like to show her work when it comes to test...She has such a great personallity that is smart,funny,crative,crazzy, fresh,and funky!!!!!!!She is amazing and so tanlented!!!...
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