Meaning of the name Destiny:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
whoever owns this name is very beautiful,random,and also very short... unfortunately.Very talkative and times she can be mean or aggressive but also feels sorry for people,so she practicly never hold a grudge.
hope, faith, reason for living
Very Beautiful girl, Smart , Funny , Awesome , All around friendly girl . doesnt hold a grudge , is nice but can beat youu if she feels the need ! Often thinks very low of herself (ex. Cant sing, ugly, Fat, etc . ) One of the best people you will EVER meet : D
it means the future
a pretty,fun,smart,loving girl who can get cold if needed but always keeps her head up high. never a negative person can have tragedies but sees through them,very energetic and speaks her mind at all times very emotional but has a hard edge very friendly and tall girl {my name is destiny i'chonte johnson} so i would no thanks for the coments except the short and talkitive one ;]
It means love, prear endion and happiness. Friendship love, her own personality and is very smart in odd ways!
Well my name is Destiny.. I've been told it means faith..But I was named Destiny because I was almost not born..My mom got pregnant with me when she was 15 and was at the appt. to have an abortion, but at the last minute decided to keep me..And my mom says it was her destiny to have me, that I was destined to be in her life..
well this is my name it means ur smart lovey and often rely onyourself can be mean at times but still loves the world no matter what
Okay, So i have a sister named Destiny and she is almost 6' foot, i really dont think that is to short and who ever came up with that needs to go back to the source and read again. My name is Bailey and I am supposed to be tall... but i am way shorter than her! I am only 5'1''... So we need to go back to the source and change the things to the CORRECT information
Stole Sebastian from myah and gently caressed him really hard
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