Meaning of the name Dina:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek
Beautiful intelligent attractive
dina means lovely & always there when someone needs her
a AWESOME FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The coolest person evr
fair of face
anything but lovey
My name is Dina, and i have dark-brown hair, brown yes, and i am very very tall. I am at the head of my clrear end, very smart & intelligent, and very pretty and attractive. I am ALWAYS there when my friends need me, and i am preppy. I care soooooo much about my school and grades, and i study hard . I have made in n honor roll every trimester/ semester. Dina means that you HATE bragging, but she doesn't mind getting into a bragging fit herself sometimes. Dina also means that she loves to help her friends and solve problems. She LOVEEEEEEEs to party, and care so much about everyone, that she barley has time for herself. That's how I am, and that's how all the Dina's should be. :D
smart wants to be known
Cute n smart
well it means someone who gets jelous of their exes but never wishes them any harm:) THEY LOVE 2 LAUGH!
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