Meaning of the name Donnie:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
weirdos ok !!!!!!!!!!
It's French for endmuncher
It means world leader and all you bozos should know that.
donnie david mcneal goes to hubert middle school and is in the 7th grade he is in ms.washington homeroom. lives in savannah georgia. haha ha
Donnie is a loser,wiereo and is NOT lovey.
The donnie I know is my best mate he is very careing and is very protective over his mates. he likes to try new things and speeks his mind but over all he is a very nice person.
The Donnie I know is the boy I really like. He also likes me so think this name means a very nice & caring person:)
he is mental and stupid and calls him self pillowiepoop
An Evil person who likes to attack people for no reason
the donnie i know is sweet and caring and can be trusted
well tha donnie i no is 1 kool motha gently caresser and is a good mechanic
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