Meaning of the name Dora:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Spanish, Greek, Croatian, Serbian
In Greek it means 'Sea and Gift'! I am called Dora & I have been to greece where I heard 'Dora a million times and we were by the sea! It's also Latin & Italian!
gift, it originated from greek word theodora what means the gift from God
a very best and nicest friend in the world
it means that she is AWESOME
a big head girl whose talks to animals and is very stupid
m spanish and my name is Dora!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
All u people need lessons on being nice!People can name their children that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i belive it means gift and i like it bc its my name better then dora the explorer
dora dora dora tha explorer here we only go like stora dora. grab your backpack lets go jump in vamanos you can lead the way HEY!hey!dododora dododora dododora domdodora here we only go like goin away hey! dora the explorer.(kinda wrong lol.)
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