Meaning of the name Dora:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Spanish, Greek, Croatian, Serbian
In Greek it means 'Sea and Gift'! I am called Dora & I have been to greece where I heard 'Dora a million times and we were by the sea! It's also Latin & Italian!
gift, it originated from greek word theodora what means the gift from God
a very best and nicest friend in the world
it means that she is AWESOME
a big head girl whose talks to animals and is very stupid
m spanish and my name is Dora!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
All u people need lessons on being nice!People can name their children that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i belive it means gift and i like it bc its my name better then dora the explorer
watch ur mouth he person tht wrote a peragrph about dora its like u love her i meen if u hate her so much then how do u know so much about her ? and gently caress U cuz thts my mom name fine person GO gently caress A HOEEE!
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