Meaning of the name Doreen:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
Doreen means, a person who is easy going, lover of life, loyal, inclusive, lover of peace and lover of the things of God.
^_^ Doreen is Kewl!
it means sunday child. like if your name was Eileen Doreen B. then that would mean bright sunday child
It means you have a twin and u luv doggys and play drum... Rock on
Doreen means u hate cats sometime how I know my name is Doreen
these are all frum me?
Doreen means that you love dogs, and you love annoying people. you might also have glrear endes. doreen, if you read this, then hi. --J
Doreen is a great hmong dancer shes the best sister ever
an angry 9 yr old girl
Sunday Child.
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