Meaning of the name Doris:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, German, Ancient Greek, Greek Mythology
it means a gorgoeous person with a nice heart
This names means godess of the seaThe meaning in graceful and good heartedGender is usually a FemaleShe is really kind hearted and very intellegent idk?...
shes butiful
a nice aunty who loves her family
of doria, greece
it means flippin gorgeous
Gift of the sea
s kind loving person
kind genrous
she care for others people who need help she always listen to clrear end and she beautiful and gorgeous
Doris-Doris is a very depressing girl. She always feels lost and alone and doesn't know what to do. She takes therapy, usually once or twice a week. She covers all of that up by trying to act her happiest at school by putting a smile on her face, even though its a fake smile. She always has to be correct when it comes to a argument with a friend, she never lets them win. She can act silly at times and can be rude but overall she is a friendly person yet very anti-social. Her face is beautiful, so beautiful its nearly perfect. She also has nice curves that guys like but usually once they start to date it doesn't last. Shes hard to get and not easy at all but she can be a flirt at times even though on the inside she feels weird about it.
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