Meaning of the name Dorothy:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
Means Gift of God, tends to be a kind-hearted and understanding person but she is short-tempered. When a Dorothy is angry stay out of the way.
u spelled intellegent wrong :) but she is sweet, loving, funny, beautiful
You also spelled intelligent wrong :), but I agree, she is sweet and beautiful!
sweet wonderful person
very intelagent , lovley will grow up 2 have 3 kids and is a gift of god
A beautiful loving person with a kind heart. Gift of God
She is an awsome pretyy && sweet dont be disrespectful to her she will snap
lol my mom name is dorothy she is kind-herted but very protective don't mess with her kids
Beautiful!! :)
a sweet innocent person
It's true, I'm very pretty and short tempered. I don't really believe in God but the meaning is great. I had heard someone say that Nathan means Gift from God, I looked it up and it does and I was freaking out because my favorite singer is named Nathan Sykes (from The Wanted)so the meaning of mine and my favorite singer's names are pretty much the same!
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