Meaning of the name Douglas:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Scottish, English
Douglas - It is of Scottish and Gaelic origin, and its meaning is "black river".
One from the darkside, fearless leader,one whos strength lies real deep. One who can overcome all problems without help. 1800's men named Douglas were considered to be invulnerable during wars.
From the black or dark waters; seeker of light.
My dad's name is Douglas and he is a fearless leader so I think that's what it means. Not a 'bad rear end mofo', that's the person who wrote that
From the black waters
thats a cool meaning...
a black river
loves drpepper.and is awesome
haa; a big rear end nosed basterd ! who gently caresss kasala .
Is funny, smart, plays the trumpet,is going into 8th grade, silly, has braces, and likes to wear blue shirts!
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