Meaning of the name Edurne:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Basque
07.25.07 at 3:18 pmdog_gozinia@jpyeager22 You suohld be banned from this site for admitting to being involved in fantasy nascar. For shame!I've gotten away with Ron Mexico's Herpes and The Phil McCrackens in past Yahoo! leagues.My rear end in a tophat buddy created his league in June, which is illegal in my book. You need to wait until late July. So my temporary team name is June is For Baseball . But since its mostly cops in that league I was thinking of Baconators or Donut A$$holes or The Bacon Smellers just to piss them all off. My league has been called Southside Sfoambags for 5 years now. Year 2 was Sfoambags Strike Back and Year 3 was Return of the Sfoambags . I is clever.
a good cleaning lady but she often steales my money:((
end headpickle sukker
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