Meaning of the name Elizabeth:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Biblical
a really nice person who can be weird at times. Is a very religious person to god and likes to have a good time. Also does stuff behind their parents back. This person also goe sinto denial alot. This person likes to follow the latest trends.
a wonderful person!!
Consecrated to God (Psalm 55:22) i love my name!! :)
My name is Elizabeth and I think my name means beatiful, smart, athletic, trusing, and fair. And yall need to watch your language. It ain't nice.
Elizabeth, is my middle name ._., she is also my friend, shes very... nice
It means grace of God...
Elizabeth is a god given name and i think whoever has this name should be happy about it like me and be thankful your here to recieve that wonderful beautiful god given name
A meaningful wonderful person who loves to make other people smile, great with advice but hopeless when it comes to her own problems, strong willed and determined, always standing up for what she believes in, she try's to please everyone. Has most boys in a trance, Elizabeth is most suited to boys named ethan or sam.
I think Elizabeth means a present from heaven fallen down to earth. All elizabeths are sweet, caring and beautiful in every way possible. We are brave and courageous and care abot others.
Really? You live in denial and you go behind backs?! I am a Elizabeth and this is offensive. You all are RUDE! Can you get a life and stop dissing people?!?!?!
my name is Elizabeth i looked it up on my phone and it said it meant God's promise
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