Meaning of the name Emily:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
Emily is a girl who doesn't need a guy, shes Smart, crative, maybe a little confused somtimes, but is always real to herself and others, and will have your back anytime!!!!!!!!
Emily is a great person. Everyone of them. They are differnet in so many ways of course but always amazing(:
sweet,loving,and independent
Emily is a really good friend and she is cool! :D
Emily is so cool and pretty:D
Emily means cute happy and does not have to be blonde to be Emily but maybe brown hair or black hair and never embarrrear ended or shy and wears cute clothes
what is wrong with all of u ppl who said those mean things? my sister's name is emily and she is the sweetest, nicest, most independent girl u will every meet U ROCK LITTLE SIS!
everyone with the name emily is just amazing and short in an awesome way
Yeah, both of the emilys that i know are kind, comprear endionate, animal-loving, friendly, helpful, all around good people so stop hating all you emily haterzzz!!!
My little sister's name is Emily she is so funny, sweet,kind, and cute. A good nickname for a girl named Emily is Emme, that's what my family calls her. She always wants to do stuff on her own she also loves to play outside. She is always asking me to play with her. I agree all the meanigs are true about the name Emily. My little sister says Emily is a very pretty name, and I agree.
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