Meaning of the name Emma:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, French, Italian, Finnish, Dutch, German, Ancient Germanic
is beautiful
emma is cute
emma is my bestest friend in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD:) i love her ALOT:) she is loyal, beautiful, trustworthy, helpful, georgus and the most kindest best friend on this planet. iloveyou emma xxxx
there are sooo many great things to say about her she is awesome i love her
Emma is crazy, artist, awesome, ans NOT SHY AT ALL!!!
to be lit Or light shining
A kind person who is ambitious and very hot
Emma means is a strong woman thats not afraid of a challenge. It means powerful and independent
My name's Emma as well. ;D And I loved reading all the 'shes hot' comments. Very confidence-building. xD
Emma is mysterious
Emma is cute can atrract all the boys in OUR SCHOOL she can take any challenge no matter what she wont give for anything she might be spoild at time but she is still my bff i love her to the end she might feel down and worthless but i get more bullied than she dose i can go on and on but anyways she is the most nicest funnyest girl i have met and i feel lucky i have her as my friend
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