Meaning of the name Eric:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English, French, Swedish
super sweet and handsome and just freaking amazing, and wonderful:) basically, prince charming
Handsome and strong
eric is awesome
hey thats my name;)
ruler of all like a king
The funniest person on EARTH!!!
sweet sensitive and the nicest person but likes being alone
Fun, sweet, and will make u smile.! :)
greatest lover of all time. One who can satisfy a woman and make her squeal.
Yeah ide bang me too:D
A terrible father that neglected me at 2 weeks old. He tried to get in touch with me later in life but he sent me a birthday card in February. My birthday is in May. He also spelt my name wrong on the card. "Ashleigh" He did drugs on a regular basis and was a lazy fatrear end.
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