Meaning of the name Erica:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Swedish
it means your amazing. DUHHHHH!!!!!!!!
Awesome :)
is a nice name i like it
The awesomest most nice girl you'll ever meet! TOTALLY not a girl!!!
Hi my name is Erica and on another site it clames my name means honorable ruler, ruler of all
erica rocks
It actually means a powerful leader of great status. I looked it up in another website and it's sooooo much better than this!!!!!!!
a veeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy nnnnnnnniiiiiiicccccceeee girl
a girl name erica is pretty nice and back the gently caress off
a very nice girl that you will ever meet in your whole life
erica means a horable person that says bad words about other people and is a brat and a horable friend Everyone should hate that person and the name Shout out to parents DO NOT NAME YOUR DAUGHTER ERICA EVER IN THE WORLD FROM lea and summer schnur P.S. i hate yoou arica
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