Meaning of the name Erin:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Irish
Erin: A girl with a great personality and beautiful soul
Erin means nice, peaceful, caring, and friendly, also having a great personality. It also means crazy but fun.
Erin means nice,peaceful,caring,beautiful,and smart!!!!!!!!!!!
smart,beautiful,and very caring
my name is erin and i am beautiful, nice, great personality, friendly, funny, popular, peaceful,caring,and fun! any one else named erin like that?
Erin means amazing, beautiful, smart, (possibly a Potterhead), Irish or British, peace, very hyper, funny, talented, drop-dead gorgeous, loving, popular, and superawesomefoxymegahot!!
Amazing beautiful smart funny hyper and best all around
My name is Erin and people say that my name means peace. :)
Peace and Ireland love my name
Erin means peace but is also rear endociated with the country of Ireland and it used to be a sacred Irish name. It is like the "motherland" name.
Erin means caring ,loving,smart ,and crazy
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