Meaning of the name Erin:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Irish
Erin: A girl with a great personality and beautiful soul
Erin means nice, peaceful, caring, and friendly, also having a great personality. It also means crazy but fun.
Erin means nice,peaceful,caring,beautiful,and smart!!!!!!!!!!!
smart,beautiful,and very caring
Erin means amazing, beautiful, smart, (possibly a Potterhead), Irish or British, peace, very hyper, funny, talented, drop-dead gorgeous, loving, popular, and superawesomefoxymegahot!!
my name is erin and i am beautiful, nice, great personality, friendly, funny, popular, peaceful,caring,and fun! any one else named erin like that?
Amazing beautiful smart funny hyper and best all around
Peace and Ireland love my name
My name is Erin and people say that my name means peace. :)
Erin means peace but is also rear endociated with the country of Ireland and it used to be a sacred Irish name. It is like the "motherland" name.
Good ryme
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