Meaning of the name Esha:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Indian
Beautiful girl who is kind and loves her friends ..... a person named after me! : )
Smart,like me, creative, once again intellegent, calm, sweet, full of empathy like me, cares about others! Means desire, Hindi, Sikh, part goddess! My name is Esha and I discribed myself!
Esha is best name in the world and is one of the many names for godess Lakshmi. It also is my name :). my name makes me god!!!
ya, where it says desire, TOTALLY TRUE. mom told me myslef. (sis's name.)
A person who takes a lot of time in what she does. Never gives up in what she does.ONLY CARES ABOUT HERSELF AND FRIENDS...gentle, kind, and sometimes aggressive can be described for a person named Esha...
Pleasure !
by the person with the middle name esha which is me it means life
my bff is easha goooooooooooo easha
Friendly, Intelligent, Creative, Desire, And Part Goddess, Like Me :P
It is an arabic name for a start not indian!!!It means the mother of all muslims.Kind hearted and cares about others more than herself.Esha is my name and people who hate it i think its rude to say so because it hurts other peoples feelings.Learn to keep your mouth shut will u.No name is better than another.
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