Meaning of the name Fannie:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
Looks good and has a very good personality
Nice good girl
Great iinshgt! That's the answer we've been looking for.
means she is our hous keeping girl
she is mean and old
she is very very old and mean
This name ACTUALLY MEANS..sweet,kind,beautiful,helpful,caring,smart,brave,but most of all CORAGEOUS..never afraid to speak her mind!!
Fannie of a kind, good person, honest, caring for others more than self, A person who wants and strives to make everyone happy, worring about others feelings befor hers, would give her life to save another....wants to live right by God...hopeing she can....
Old ugly witch. Old woman with gray hair
Guys this isnt funny..that is my Grandmothers name u mutha gently caressers,nd NONE of this is true!!!
has the bigest A hole in the world and ugly witch that is stuborn and has the same name as a end
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