Meaning of the name Farah:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: Arabic
'Farah' means joy or happiness.
My name is spelled Ferrah. It means donkey in one language and beautiful in another. Not sure which ones.
my name is farah and i loveee my awesome name :)
my friends mums called FARAH she she is soooooo nice and kind :)
okay but before that make sure to pay attention in english cause you cant spell and i dont know if i will be able to understand you.
i have a best friend named farah shes so awsome!
it means pleasnt and beautiful
joy or happiness
my name is farah and im a fashionista omgosh
That's not even 10 mniuets well spent!
My best friends who's amazingly smart and talented shes always bye my side she really cares and she's really short and tells me to do the bad things for her cause she knows I enjoy doing them
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