Meaning of the name Faye:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
The name Faye can mean a variety of things in different languages. The name comes from the country England. It means fairy. I know it's not my name but it is such a nice one!!!!
It means fairy. My name is Katheryn Faye which means pure fairy ;)
it is French for Fairy
my bffls name is faye and she is the prittiest girl i know
Faye means fairy.
Its also my middle name!!! :)
im geting tired of people saying fat just becuase you have this name doesnt mean you are fat or not
She's the best Grandma ever!
my fav cousions name it`s a really nice name
im in a private school and i aggree that it means fairy
I honestly like the name fay but not because it is my middle name my mom picked this name when I was born (my granny's middle name is fay too :-)
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