Meaning of the name Faye:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
The name Faye can mean a variety of things in different languages. The name comes from the country England. It means fairy. I know it's not my name but it is such a nice one!!!!
my fav cousions name it`s a really nice name
it is French for Fairy
my bffls name is faye and she is the prittiest girl i know
In old French it means Fairy, in old English it means Faith, in Spanish it also means Faith (although it is spelled differently)
most people say (Faye) is spelled F-a-y I tell them " No it's spelled F-a-y-e!" If they deny me I usually do this in my head. @#$!%^*& but i am a christian so i should not do that so i just ignore them now
:O My names Faye and im not stupid or fat... !
that's my great grandmothers name!!! :)
It means fairy or elf
it's origin is from the celts, or ancient britian. it means faerie or fae like the beings fairy people of the fae or land of fae. all that
faye can either be spelled Faye or Fay
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